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This certificate is redeemable for a Grocery Savers Book, providing your customers with the opportunity to order $1000 worth of brand name coupons of their choice. Includes items such as Cereal, Juices, Cookies, Crackers, Beverages, Frozen Foods, Canned Fruits/Vegetables, Dairy Items, Meat, Bread, Coffee, Soups, Sauces, Rice, Pasta, Condiments, Snack Foods, Diet Items, Baking Items, Spices, Paper & Plastic Goods, Household Items, Pet Items, Baby Products, Laundry Care, Body Care, and many other items. In the Grocery Savers Book there are (100) $10.00 Grocery Coupon Certificates. Each certificate may be redeemed for $10.00 worth of pre-clipped coupons from the grocery index listed in the book. Select from over 1000 National Brand Products. These Manufacturers coupons are the same coupons you see in newspapers & magazines, and they represent cash savings.

At the time of redeeming your certificate, you will be required to pay a $15 processing, postage and handling fee online at the certificate redemption website to receive your Grocery Savers Book. Simple redemption instructions are clearly printed on the certificate.

You will receive your certificate within 1-2 weeks.

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